Bollinger Custom Joint Center

The Bollinger Custom Joint Center in Forth Worth, Texas, boasts many satisfied customers waltzing once again all across North Texas and Oklahoma, thanks to the unique, customized knee replacement surgeries that are the specialty of its founder, Dr. Bruce A. Bollinger. Dr. Bollinger’s post as Chief of Staff at Fort Worth’s Baylor Surgical Hospital, his membership in the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons, and his many years of active work as an orthopaedic surgeon embracing cutting-edge technologies put him in position to evaluate and identify only the finest medical products and procedures for knee surgery that promises the best outcome for every patient.

iTotal Knee Replacement System from Conformis

Dr. Bollinger chooses the iTotal customized knee replacement solution that is personalized specifically to each individual patient. There are many off-the-shelf, mass-produced knee implants available but every knee surgeon knows no two knees are the same so no two knee surgeries are alike either. The iTotal knee replacement system from Conformis builds each knee implant to order, one at a time, using state-of-the-art technologies that far surpass the norm.

The iTotal Advantage

The iTotal advantage begins with a computerized axial tomography scan (CT / CAT scan) of the damaged knee. From there, a 3-dimensional image is generated. This 3D image is then used to construct a one-of-a-kind knee replacement implant that fits no other knee except the one scanned at the beginning of the process.

This customized fit of the iTotal system minimizes the loss of bone, ligament, and soft tissue during surgery thereby reducing recovery time and the pain of recovery from knee surgery. Since the iTotal implant fits the individual knee exactly, there is little, if any, lingering pain or limited range of motion often associated with ill-fitting traditional knee implants.

Benefits of the iTotal System

Every surgery comes with the risk of complications and infection but these risks are minimized with the iTotal knee replacement system from Conformis. Safeguards built into the system include:

  • Better fit for the patient — which ensures more natural mechanical function of the joint, reduces recovery time, and results in the widest range of natural motion as possible.
  • Custom designed cutting guides — on every implant guide the knee surgeon through the procedure so as to eliminate any unnecessary tissue loss or damage.
  • Individually packaged, single-use surgical placement tools — that come pre-sterilized for safest surgery; this benefit reduces the risk of infection that sometimes occurs when the same surgical tools are used in multiple surgeries.

The Bollinger Custom Joint Center’s growing list of happy knee surgery patients are now embracing anew the activities they once enjoyed before knee pain slowed them down. Many patients are even taking up new activities such as dancing, bicycle and horseback riding, and hiking in celebration of their new active pain-free lifestyles.

More About Dr. Bruce A. Bollinger

Dr. Bruce Bollinger is the only orthopedic surgeon in the North Texas / Oklahoma region who specializes in both hip and knee replacement surgeries. His busy Fort Worth practice also offers reconstructive and arthroscopic surgeries of the ankle and shoulder. Bollinger’s satisfaction with the iTotal knee replacement system from Conformis is so great he is one of few orthopaedic surgeons across the country qualified to train other knee surgeons in the procedure.